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iPhone Repair Whitby

Majestik Communications buys quality pre-owned devices and sells them all over Durham to quality human beings, like you.

In this mission, we have touched, tested, and sold thousands of iPhones and amassed a wealth of knowledge along the way. Read these insights, from the people who know used phones best.

The Best Whitby / Oshawa iPhone Repair Shops

There are probably hundreds of places offering to repair your iPhone in Durham– but not all of them are created equally. When it comes to choosing a Durham iPhone repair shop, quality is king. Unfortunately, price is often prioritized over quality when choosing a repair shop. While breaking your phone is tragic, having your phone repaired with inferior parts or expertise can make your situation even worse. Look for marks of excellence: quality parts, quick repairs, and a service guarantee. Quality Parts The best repair shops use high quality parts when repairing your iPhone. There are many cheap, poor quality parts floating around. Some repairs shops may use these cheaper parts to save costs. The problem is that with cheaper parts, you get what you pay for – buttons may break quickly, screens may scratch easily, or other problems such as overheating could result. Before getting your phone repaired make sure you ask about the parts being used – if the question is brushed off or you don’t feel confident in their answer, you may want to take your phone elsewhere. Speed of Service Most people use their phones every day – so you probably don’t want to be without it for long while it’s getting repaired. While repairs shouldn’t be rushed, most of them can be accomplished in a fairly short amount of time. Look for places that offer service “while you wait,” or at least within the day. No Upfront Cost Labour has value, but if you’re paying for a specific repair service (like a screen replacement) then you should only be charged if the repair is successful. If there is a fee to just look at your phone for a common repair, look elsewhere to get it done. Warranty While not an absolute requirement, the best repair shops offer a warranty on repaired parts. Not only is this an indicator in the quality of the parts themselves, but you can rest assured that if something goes wrong, they will fix it.

Majestik Communications

Your favourite used iPhone store in Whitby Mall is open to the public. Specializing in iPhone & samsung repair, Majestik team of expert repair techs use only the highest quality parts. Our rates are affordable and we’ve been known to work magic on problems other shops can’t solve. Our service is fast, friendly, and has all the guarantees you’ve come to know and love from Majestik.

Have questions about our services or want to let us know you’ll be stopping by? Get in touch by emailing info@majestik.ca or call us 905-404-2367.

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