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5 Ways To Stop An IPhone From Overheating

An iPhone getting a little warm during use is totally normal. The metal casing covering the phone acts as a kind of diffuser of heat when your phone is working hard; which is pretty effective, as Apple’s advanced technology uses this as a heat-sink to allow their devices to operate without any kind of fan or other cooling system in place. The transfer of electricity to your phone from charging might cause it to warm up a little; no biggie. 

But if you’re dealing with a constantly overheating iPhone that’s suddenly too hot to handle, and are seeing the dreaded “iPhone needs to cool down before you use it” warning even in your sleep lately, that’s another story and you might want to check the

Don’t worry, though. You’re not alone. We’re here to help out with a few quick tricks for cooling things down quickly, and to show you how you can prevent your phone from overheating again in the future. 

1. Act fast

Take immediate steps to cool down your device as soon as you notice symptoms of overheating, even if you haven’t received a warning message yet.

2. Turn off your phone

If your phone is overheating right this second, turning it off will prevent further overheating and reduce damage to your internal components.

3. Keep it shady

Don’t leave your device in direct sunlight, or anywhere with extremely high temperatures (like your car in summer). Apple recommends not allowing an iPhone to operate in temperatures above 103, and the glass/metal combo can heat up quickly on a sunny day if left in the wrong spot.

4. Keep it out of the cold, too

Some users have stuck their phone in the freezer after receiving a high temperature warning in an attempt to fix things. But think about it. What happens when you put a hot glass into the freezer? Frost… And condensation. Rapid temperature shifts aren’t good for your phone. The resulting dampness can spell disaster.

5. Close your apps

If you have a ton of apps running, especially ones requiring advanced graphics or location services (like augmented reality or a live map), it can strain the processor and lead to overheating. It also explains why your phone might shut down if you try to run SnapChat, Maps, and Pokemon Go at the same time.

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Look for symptoms of your phone overheating ahead of time. If charging slows or stops, the display seems to randomly dim or go black, your favorite selfie app keeps crashing, and/or your flash stopped working, it’s likely that your phone is getting too hot. 

Even if your phone isn’t showing a temperature warning yet, overheating can impact day to day performance. There are a few things you can keep an eye out for that might clue you in on an overheating issue ahead of time so you can prevent further damage to your phone. If your phone display is going black or unresponsive randomly, or if it’s not charging properly (or not charging at all), you may be dealing with a hardware or software issue that’s roasting your internal components.

Make sure your battery is working properly as well. If you’ve noticed other issues with your device and it seems to overheat all the time, it could be a sign of a faulty battery that needs to be replaced by an expert. 

“What If My iPhone is Still Overheating?”

These tricks can be super helpful if you’re dealing with a simple, one-time issue. But there’s a lot of reasons an iPhone may overheat. If your iPhone is frequently getting too hot to handle, it might be an indication of an internal issue that requires an expert repair. So if the tips outlined here aren’t enough to get things running properly again, don’t risk your precious phone on an at-home fix. Drop by your local mobile phone repair shop today to get help from a trained professional.

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